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An ideal situation

The Hotel Le Palais Apt benefits from an ideal location opposite the Town Hall, on the main square of 'Apt, in the heart of Provence. This privileged location allows travelers to easily enjoy the attractions, shops and delights of the region, for an authentic experience< /strong> and unforgettable. Let yourself be tempted by a superb stopover in our 2-star hotel in Apt

On Saturday morning, you will be in the heart of the Apt market

Apt, Capitale du fruit confit

Located in the heart of the Luberon Regional Natural Park, Apt embodies Provencal authenticity through its paved streets and its picturesque charm. As a sub-prefecture, this lively city in the south of France offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Apt is renowned for its weekly market, where colorful stalls overflow with fresh local produce, delicious cheeses and artisanal specialties. The undisputed capital of candied fruit, it seduces gourmets with its sweet delights. Strolling through the historic city center, visitors discover old buildings, shaded fountains and a captivating Provençal atmosphere. Apt is truly a charming destination, where traditions and sweetness of life coexist harmoniously.

The perched villages of the Luberon

The perched villages of the Luberon evoke a timeless charm. Nestled on top of hills, these gems offer breathtaking panoramas. Villages such as Gordes, Roussillon, Bonnieux and Ménerbes captivate visitors with their cobbled streets< /strong>, their stone houses, their churches and their flower gardens. Each village has its own personality, offering art galleries, local craft shopsand quaint restaurants. Exploring these perched villages is an invitation to a journey back in time, where history and natural beauty blend together harmoniously.

Provençal Colorado and Roussillon Ocher

The Colorado Provençal and the Ocres of Roussillonreveal a spectacular landscape and unique in its kind. The flamboyant hills with orange and red hues create a striking picture, reminiscent of American desert landscapes. The ochre quarries, exploited for centuries, offer a fascinating artistic and geological immersion. The hiking trails allow visitors to explore this exceptional natural site and admire the dazzlingly colored rock formations, true works of art shaped by time and the elements.

Wonderful landscapes

The Mont Ventoux and the Route des Lavandes offer a captivating journey from Apt. The majestic Mont Ventoux, nicknamed the “Giant of Provence”, attracts cycling enthusiasts and hiking enthusiasts with its breathtaking landscapes. By following the Lavender Route, visitors will be able to discover purple fields as far as the eye can see, filling the air with their bewitching perfume. It is a picturesque route which allows you to explore the villages and soak up the magic of Provence.

The Via Rhôna

The Via Rhôna is a real invitation to adventure along the river. This iconic cycle path runs through Apt, offering cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts an unforgettable experience. Traveling along the Via Rhôna, travelers can admire varied landscapes, from vineyards to green fields, passing through picturesque villages. It is an ideal way to discover the natural and cultural wealth of the region, while enjoying an outdoor sporting activity


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